2013/01/28 |  Welcome to Nuneogun!  

2PM 3rd Album "Grown" 공구공지

안녕하세요, 누너건입니다 =]
누너건에서 지켜주실 것은 딱 한가지! 준호를 많이많이 예뻐해주세요!!
Nuneogun welcomes Junho's fans all over the world :D

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* E-mail : nuneogun@nate.com

* Nuneogun is an open-site. You don't need to join the site to see the data boards.
 If you still want to join the site, please mention or e-mail me with your preferred ID, password, e-mail address, and nickname.
   Nuneogun はオープンサイトで、加入しなくても写真や動画を見ることができます。
  もし、それでも加入したい方は私達にNuneogunで使いたいID, パスワード, メールアドレス, ニックネームと共に@やメールをお願いします。

* <- This icon means that the photos or videos have not yet been uploaded.
  Please wait for a while we finish the modifying job. (You don't need to join the site to see them)
   <- このアイコンがついたのは写真や動画がまだアップされてなくて見られないってことです。

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