2014/03/31 |  Nuneogun welcomes Junho Fans from all over the world =]  

Nuneogun's Sharing ID (共同 ID)
ID : nuneogun01  / PASSWORD : nuneogun
ID : nuneogun02 / PASSWORD : nuneogun

누너건은 가입없이 모든것을 볼 수 있는 오픈홈이지만, 코멘트를 남길때는 로그인을 하셔야합니다.
코멘트를 남길때에만 위의 공유 아이디를 이용하거나, 회원가입을 해주세요!

Nuneogun is an open-site. You don't need to join the site to see the data boards.
But to leave the comments, you need to have an ID.
In that case, you can use the sharing ID above.

Nuneogun はオープンサイトで、加入しなくても写真や動画を見ることができます。
でもコメントを残すためには IDが必要です。その場合は上の共同IDでログインしてください!

* Twitter
  DDook : @DDook_

* E-mail : nuneogun0125@gmail.com

* <- This icon means that the photos or videos have not yet been uploaded.
  Please wait for a while we finish the modifying job. (You don't need to join the site to see them)
   <- このアイコンがついたのは写真や動画がまだアップされてなくて見られないってことです。

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